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Now THAT’s Entertainment!

Looking for a way to take your event to the next level? Alex is the answer. Alex will not only entertain your guest with master tricks, but engaging stories and his unconventional, charming personality as well. A human ice-breaker, Alex circulates around groups and individuals to entertain, unite, and socialize (which helps avoid that dreaded cell-phone at the party syndrome).

Expect things to disappear, like objects and boredom. Expect things to appear, like souvenirs and laughter.

Alex guarantees that your guests will be blown away and left your event having had a great time (with a special trick for the host and hostess).

Now THAT’S Incredible:

If you aren’t fully satisfied with Alex’s performance you can get all your money back. That’s right. Your fee will disappear.

Now What Are You Waiting For?

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